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Updates from our office: King City Medical
Sep 08, 2020

Starting this week our office is pleased to announce the reopening of Fridays 9 am-4 pm and Saturdays 10 am-2:pm.

Saturday will be open for our patients and our community residents (walk-in). You need to phone the office to book your appointment and triage to make sure you have no COVID symptoms before coming to the office.

Also, as now we will be open Mon-Sat effective immediately the cellular number 647-515-9222 will be used solely for texting to check in when you are outside the office for your appointment or for picking/dropping forms. This number will not be monitored for any medical concerns and no doctors will be watching this phone after hours. So if you need to book an appointment or have a medical concern phone our office during our open hours (as before the pandemic).

Reminder for our patients:

Please DO NOT enter our office without permission (by texting our number 647-515-9222). This is extremely important to reduce unnecessary exposure for you or for other patients that might be exiting our office or being served by our receptionist at the same time. This is meant mainly for your safety, the safety of other patients, and the safety of our staff.

Everyone entering the office MUST WEAR A FACEMASK, No Mask, No Service!

Liquid nitrogen is available now:

Liquid Nitrogen is back to availability, so for our patients that were getting the cryotherapy treatments, you can contact the office and book your treatment. The fee is still the same $20 per session.

Changes in our emails, we are more e-communicable! King City Medical
Jul 01, 2020

Dear all: effective immediately our email address has changed to our domain. So our emails to you will come from Obviously this email is not watched and any email sent to it will bounce back. So this is more for outgoing emails.

If you have a non medical question or concern you can email us at

If you have a medical question you have to phone the office or post it on the portal (Health Myself), the second option is for Dr Soma's and Dr Gergis' patients for now and very soon for Dr Randall's patients.

Also we like to hear your feedback about our service and learn from you how to improve it. You can email us at (coming soon an option of feedback from our website if you like anonymous feedback)

If you have a question about your referral we appreciate your time and now rather than waiting on the phone you can email us your question at ( and we will get back to you. The phone option still available but we encourage the email option.

We encourage all our patients to make sure that we have their updated email and to register to our online portal (Health Myself) to be able to book their appointment (for now virtual only) online, cancel, reschedule, send their questions to their doctor/receptionist if the doctor messaging option is not available.

Coming soon:

Dr Randall's patient will be able to register to the portal (Health Myself)!

Online feedback from our website.

Nursing email.

Have a wonderful summer!

King Clinic staff and doctors.

July 1st, 2020.

Clarification to the former patients of Dr Pearl: King City Medical
Jun 08, 2020

Most of the former patients of Dr. Pearl has received the letter for enrollment with Dr. Somasundaram. First we like to thank all the patients that dropped, texted or emailed their signed forms to the clinic and we appreciate their loyalty to our practice! THANK YOU for your trust!

The letter stated that you need to enroll before May 31st, this is the date that ministry had canceled the status of your enrollment but if you like to stay at our practice, please fill the form and email it, text a picture of the signed form  to 647-863-2521, or drop the signed form to the mail box (installed only for these forms on the right side of the clinic front door). By doing so, we can still submit this form (though it's passed May 31st) and resume your status of being a patient at or clinic. Sadly, if we do not hear from you soon then we can't keep your status as our patient and if you present latter, at that time accepting you will depend on Dr. Soma's practice capacity and we can not guarantee having an available spot for you. So we urge all of the patients to submit their signed form ASAP by one of the three ways mentioned above.

Stay safe everyone!

King Clinic Inc.