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Ultrasound Services King Clinic Inc.
Apr 03, 2024

We are delighted to introduce the long-awaited Doctors Lane Imaging (DLI) ultrasound service starting Saturday Dec 16, 2023. This new service will allow us to provide high-quality ultrasound services to our patients in a timely manner. Appointments in 1-3 days (depends on the required preparation) and same day results will be guaranteed! The option for same-day appointments will be available for specific ultrasound studies that do not require preparation in certain days of the week.

Having ultrasound services available in the same building will enable us to provide instant care and bring us one step closer to our vision of creating a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs at 20 Doctors Lane. While DLI will initially focus on ultrasound services, we are actively working towards offering a comprehensive range of radiological services in the near future, including X-rays, mammograms, bone density scans, and more. However, this expansion will depend on the availability of space.

This service is available to all our patients and other community members not registered with our doctors at 20 Doctors Lane.

Dr. Ace leaving her practice at King Clinic. King Clinic Inc.
Jun 18, 2022

King City Medical Associates regret to inform our patients that Dr. Olga Ace is leaving her practice as of Sep 17th, 2022.  We are actively seeking a new doctor to join us and will update you. Dr. Ace will leave us to an academic family medicine post.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change will cause to Dr. Ace's patients' care and hopefully will be able to find a new doctor very soon.

We also like to wish Dr. Ace the best in her next career steps and she will be greatly missed by her patients, our staff and her colleagues.

King Clinic Inc.

June 18th, 2022.

(NACI) guidance on booster doses of COVID vaccines King Clinic Inc.
Oct 30, 2021

Dear patients,

Yesterday, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) released further interim guidance on booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines to expand recommendations for other key populations that may be offered a booster dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine including:

• Adults who are front-line health-care workers who have direct in-person contact with patients and who were vaccinated with a very short interval

• Adults 70 to 79 years of age

• People who received two doses of the AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD vaccine or one dose of the Janssen vaccine

• Adults in or from First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities

NACI now also strongly recommends that adults who are 80 and over be offered a booster dose, in addition to adults living in long-term care homes and other congregate settings that provide care for seniors.

All of the above are considered booster doses, while NACI considers the COVID-19 vaccine a three-dose series in moderately to severely immunocompromised populations.

Further direction on what this new guidance means for Ontario will be coming next week. We will share an update as soon as it is available.

Read the NACI statement on interim guidance for booster COVID-19 vaccine doses in Canada.