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To our clinic staff: we owe a huge THANK YOU! King City Medical
May 29, 2020

As we approach the fourth month of working under the extraordinary conditions and trying times during this COVID-19 pandemic to care for our patients, it is expected that, as physicians, we must be prepared to work in these high-risk conditions.


We have been gratified by the appreciation expressed by our patients and the community, and we will continue to serve you as best we can.  


However, the care that we have been able to provide would have been so much more difficult without the support of our dedicated Clinic staff who have been keeping up with the daily changes in the provision of health care.  To them, we owe a huge THANK YOU!


To our staff:  Jackie (receptionist), Karen (referral/receptionist), Irina (nurse), Sam (physician assistant), Sandy (office manager), Irene (referral/billing) and Mariam (clinic director), we owe an immense debt of gratitude for your courage and dedicated efforts on the front lines of the battle during COVID-19.  You have been here for all of our patients and for us, possibly putting yourselves in harm’s way without hesitation.  

We physicians thank you for stepping forward to work during this stressful time; without all of you, we would not be able to remain open to serve our patients and community.


Your loyalty and courage will always be remembered by our community and by us at King Clinic Inc.


With our gratitude,


Dr. Paul Randall

Dr. Nilany Somasundaram

Dr. Joseph Gergis

May 29, 2020.

Important message to former patients of Dr Pearl King City Medical
May 11, 2020

May 11, 2020


To the former patients of Dr. Stephen Pearl:


As of December 1, 2019, Dr. Nilany Somasundaram has taken over Dr. Pearls practice. This is your opportunity to secure a place in Dr. Somasundarams practice while shes taking new patients!   Please see document for Dr Soma  Enrolment form here ; this MUST be signed and dated by you, and returned to our office before May 31, 2020. Otherwise you will lose your place in her practice.

You can,

  1.  Scan the document and email it to, or
  2.  Drop the form into the mailbox outside our office at your earliest convenience, or
  3.  Text a picture of your signed form to:  647-863-2521.


We encourage you to fill this form ASAP and reach use before May 31st to keep your place in Dr. Soma's practice.

King Clinic Inc.

May/June appointment changes King City Medical
Apr 16, 2020

We ask that any patients who are booked to see their Doctor or the Nurse in the months of May and June please contact the Receptionist (905-833-5381 ext. 5) to confirm/change the appointment.   We have had many changes to our schedule and may need to reschedule your appointment.

Reminder that we are cancelling all Adult Physical appointments and ask that patients call back in a few months to reschedule.   Please note that, wherever possible, all regular follow-up appointments will instead be phone consultations.   Do not come to the office; the Doctor will call you at your scheduled time - please be ready.

All Diabetic appointments will now be phone consultations - do not come to the office; the Nurse will call you at your scheduled time - please be ready.