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Changes in our emails, we are more e-communicable! King City Medical
Jul 01, 2020

Dear all: effective immediately our email address has changed to our domain. So our emails to you will come from Obviously this email is not watched and any email sent to it will bounce back. So this is more for outgoing emails.

If you have a non medical question or concern you can email us at

If you have a medical question you have to phone the office or post it on the portal (Health Myself), the second option is for Dr Soma's and Dr Gergis' patients for now and very soon for Dr Randall's patients.

Also we like to hear your feedback about our service and learn from you how to improve it. You can email us at (coming soon an option of feedback from our website if you like anonymous feedback)

If you have a question about your referral we appreciate your time and now rather than waiting on the phone you can email us your question at ( and we will get back to you. The phone option still available but we encourage the email option.

We encourage all our patients to make sure that we have their updated email and to register to our online portal (Health Myself) to be able to book their appointment (for now virtual only) online, cancel, reschedule, send their questions to their doctor/receptionist if the doctor messaging option is not available.

Coming soon:

Dr Randall's patient will be able to register to the portal (Health Myself)!

Online feedback from our website.

Nursing email.

Have a wonderful summer!

King Clinic staff and doctors.

July 1st, 2020.

Happy Canada Day! King City Medical
Jun 30, 2020
Doctors and staff at King City Medical like to wish all our  patients and our community residents a very Happy Canada Day! Very lucky that we are part of such a great country. let’s celebrate July 1st with your loved one. Enjoy family, friends, and share love and respect for our great country!

Doctors and staff at King City Medical.

Updates: welcome,thanks, increasing hours! King City Medical
Jun 17, 2020

Updates from King City Medical:

  1. Welcome Michele our new receptionist!

King Clinic Inc (KCI) welcomes Michele a new member in our team! Michelle will be working as receptionist on Mondays and Thursdays and also will help in arranging referrals.

Michele is young yet experienced family medicine office administrative staff and KCI is expecting increased efficiency by having Michele on board.

  1. Thanks to our MPP Hon. Stephen Lecce, and Southlake Hospital!

KCI wishes to thank Mrs. Sandra Kirby who took the initiative and contacted our MPP office regarding our PPE critical status and, in his turn, Hon S. Lecce and his office arranged an urgent shipment of gowns and other PPE to our office. Also, Southlake Ontario Health Team sent us a shipment of PPE to replenish our storage. We were also able to buy facial masks from our medical supplies bringing up our inventory to suffice 6-8 weeks use.


  1. Increasing our hours, Will open Wednesday 9-1pm!

We wish to inform our patients that starting on June 17th, we will open Wednesday 9am- 1 pm for both doctors and nurse. This is addition to the change in the current three days (Mon, Tue, Thu), we will be available straight 9-4 with no lunch break for receptionist.


  1. Continue to schedule virtual visits whenever possible.


  1. With phase one of reopening in place we will be able to see patients with:

Acute or subacute symptoms, for example urine infection, chest infection (after screening) etc.

Potentially unstable chronic diseases such as post heart attacks, post stroke, congestive heart failure, uncontrolled diabetes, cancer.

Severe or unstable mental health diagnoses.

Pre-existing developmental concerns among infants / children.

Other matters presenting risk, for example addiction, at-risk sexual practices.

This in addition to our current scope of pregnancy care, well baby check up at 0, 2, 4, 6, 12, and 18 months (visits with scheduled vaccines). But the 9 months, 2 years visit and annual well child check-up are still on hold.


  1. We are still not doing the annual health examinations, in office diabetic visits (we are doing the latter over the phone), and routine chronic diseases follow-up.


  1. We encourage our patients who are due for the routine, second or third doses of their vaccines to phone the office to arrange appointment with our nurse for their scheduled vaccines (as Shingles shots, Hepatitis shots, Gardasil (HPV vaccine if you do not get it in grade 7) , Bexsero (Meningitis B vaccine), Menactra (Meningitis C), Pneumonia shots )


  1. All adult patients and older children must wear a mask when visiting our office. This is an important way to reduce the spread of COVID 19. Please bring your own mask as supplies are limited.


  1. Upon arrival to 20 Doctors lane please send a text message to our receptionist at 647-515-9222 that you are here. You cannot enter the office until she text back that it is safe to do so and direct you to which room you go. You do not need to present your health card.